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14 Things You Might Experience While Waiting for FILGRIMAGE.

Just waiting for FILGRIMAGE can be an emotional roller-coaster.

1. When I first heard about the Filgrimage .

2. Watching the “My Roots” video.

You too can experience "My Roots."

3. When I learned how affordable Filgrimage was.

All-inclusive trip, including round-trip flight, upscale accommodations, food, fun, and full itinerary? It's a straight up deal.

4. When I learned that the trip was going to be documented.

BTW: You can watch the highlight video now!

5. When I asked my mom if she would let me go to Filgrimage.

6. When she said yes.

7. When Filgrimage registration opened up online.

Pst! You can pre-register and reserve your spot today!

8. When I successfully reserved my spot.

9. When I saw the itinerary on the Filgrimage website.

Who knew we could do so much in 5 days.

10. When it feels like forever until Filgrimage starts.

11. When thinking about the weather in the Philippines...

12. And the food..

13. When the countdown finally began.

14. On my flight to Manila.

Contributor, Vanessa Yamat, is a Psychology student at San Diego State University and Spring Filrgimage 2016 Alumni.

FILGRIMAGE, a project of the Filipino School, is a semi-annual peer group journey to the Philippines for Filipino-Americans, ages 18 and up. The project aims to educate, awaken, and empower the Filipino diaspora in the United States. Our mission is to “Build and uplift the Filipino nation together as one family” and through the spirit of “Bayanihan,” we are “heroes” coming together for a common purpose. Join us on our next FILGRIMAGE trip, September 27th to October 3rd, 2016. Additional information is available at Join our online community at or

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