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Embark on a
Journey of a Lifetime

On June 13 to 23, 2024, we will take you on this amazing trip to the Motherland for a life-changing experience.

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What is Filgrimage?

/‘filgrəmij/ • Filipino Pilgrimage

Filgrimage is a life-changing trip that takes Filipino-Americans on a unique journey back to the Motherland.

By embarking on a fun, exhilarating, and educational multi-day tour in the Philippines, the next-generation Fil-Ams can connect to their rich and proud heritage and, in doing so, build a stronger sense of identity and transform the Filipino future.


Mark your calendars! Join us on June 13-23, 2024 on an adventure of self-discovery, awakenings, life-long friendships, and experience the Philippines through the heart of our people.

Finally Filipino: A Filgrimage Story

Nicolette grew up as a Mexican-American, but never got to know a lot about the Filipino side of her heritage. She went to Filgrimage to discover and experience her Filipino roots for the first time. This is a short documentary about her transformative journey back to the Motherland last July 2023.

If you're eager to experience Filgrimage like Nicolette and explore Filipino culture like never before, now is your chance. The search for stories for Filgrimage 2024 begins now!

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Filgrimage is a project of The Filipino School, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit established in 2015 located in San Diego, CA.

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